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Want to sell your toys? No problem, sell them here.

Our unique website is the perfect place for you to sell your new and used toys. We're confident that you'll find our system fast and easy to use plus you don't pay unless your stuff sells!

That's not all! If you have brand name toys such as Transformers, He-Man MOTU, Jem and the Holograms, She-Ra POP and Thundercats then we'll buy them directly from you.

What's the difference between selling my toys through Toycatacomb and selling them directly to Toycatacomb?

Setting up your very own toy store usually means more money and it also means you can sell anything toy related. Selling your stuff directly to us is a quick way to get cash, however, we only buy the figures listed above and we will not accept any broken collectibles or collectibles which are missing every part.

If you are interested in selling your used figures to us then follow these steps.


Contact us prior to sending images at There are figures which we won't buy at this time.


Gather your figures and arrange them in such a way so that you can take clear pictures of them. If your pictures are blurry or if you do not provide pictures then we cannot make you an offer.